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    hey guys! this site looks like it is going to be awesome and a lot of help but ... i jsut bought my verizon treo 700wx today and i was looking on this forum for AIM apps and downloaded Octro... it is pretty sweet only problem is unless i exit out of it if i go to like the today page or just anything else and its stil running and i try and go back to it it freezes so i have to go to running programs and exit it that way everytime... anyone know how to fix this??
    also is there a better free aim app? What is the best free IM AIM app and what is the best one you have to pay for?

    thanks guys!
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    I've had some similar problems with Octro. I'm not real happy with it. I've read here that many people seem to really like IM+ but it is not free.
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    Anyone got this working yet> its one sweet program (File transfers, VOIP CALLS!! - oh my!) However, when i hit the power button it goes dead, anyone got it working when their treo is 'off?'
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    I just installed Octro. I like it. I get the freeze though.

    So far...

    Mundu: Sucks. It's slow as unusably slow
    IM+: It works, terrible interface
    Agile: It works, interface is okay.
    Octro: Love the interface, it freezes though.

    I would buy Octro (in a heartbeat) if it was stable.

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