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    Hello all,

    Thanks for all of the great tips! I've been searching for a way to create a custom start page when I log onto the web on my 700WX. I'm using Opera Mobile. I've tried the Google options and they seem a bit limited. I do like their full version though (not mobile). I could create my own but am not at that point yet. I'm trying to add links, rss feeds and maybe a few other helpful items. Does anyone have a recommendations?

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    Here's a nice page that Juni has put together.

    And here's one I put together for myself. It's just a start, I mainly wanted more weather links.


    I just view the source code for the Palm mobile portal and changed a few things. Oh and I also change the google search to open full google instead of mobile google search. I can't stand those search finds with 'viewing page 3 of 5 click here to view full html'
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    Here's a link to one I made a while back


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