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    I know this argument has been made already, but the bluetooth in the Treo 700 sucks.

    I just bought a Tomtom GO 510 which supports Bluetooth handsfree - EXCEPT, you guessed it, the Treo 700 series.

    Maybe Palm will get it right eventually.
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    Have you tried with the A2DP stack to see if it helps?
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    I doubt it will - I don't believe the Treo is supported.

    One day, all Bluetooth's will be created equal.
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    The Treo is not supported probably due to the BT stack, since that is how the device connects to the GPS unit. TomTom doesn't know about the A2DP app, which is why I suggested trying it.
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    I have a Tomtom GO 510 and my Treo works fine with the BT... I haven't figured out how to use TT Plus yet tho. That's why I'm searching.
    David Smith

    Me - Treo 755p
    Wifey - Treo Centro
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    Tom Tom BT works great with my 700 as fact.....maybe a little TOO well...I have to be very careful to turn off BT on the Tom Tom whenever I am near it, because my phone won't disconnect LOL!!!
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    But are you able to use the TT Plus features?
    David Smith

    Me - Treo 755p
    Wifey - Treo Centro
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    No, I haven't tried, I would think if you call either Palm or VZW CS they could give us the data codes to connect. I really have no interest in it, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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    crazy, can you point me to the A2DP App? Is this freeware? Id hate to buy it and have it not improve my bluetooth setup.

    I use a Jabra in the car, it works ok as long as the phone is near (not in my pocket)

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