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    Magic button is great and all; but lately it's been acting up on me.

    When I close out of a few programs it normally gets stuck in the programs menu, or recently dialed calls... not letting me back to the main today screen.

    so i am constantly having to remove the battery and put it back in (which i am sure is not all that great on the phone)

    has anyone else come in contact with this glitch?

    are there any other programs out there that do the same thing as this?

    preferably free (poor college student) or in reasonable price.
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    If you want just a task manager.....go with Dinarsoft's Handy Switcher. They just updated it and it works real well. Only $9.99.

    You can also go with an app with a today launcher and task manager built in like Sbp Pocket Plus or SBSH's iLauncher. I use iLauncher. A little more expensive, since you are getting a little more functionality than just a task manager.

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