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    My 700wx is freezing on the Treo logo.

    I did a soft-reset last night, it froze, and hasn't unfroze since.

    I let it sit there for a couple of hours. I've left the battery out overnight.

    Looks like my only recourse is to do a hard-reset, which sucks, because I haven't done a sync in a long long time, so I'm bound to lose some data.

    The last thing I installed was keylight, but I've soft-resetted several times since then without issue.

    Are notes backed up through exchange activesync? I sure hope so.
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    My device froze on me once also. I tried doing a soft reset and it wouldn't come out of it. I then removed the battery for a few minutes and then replace it, which seemed to help. I'm not sure if it was just coincidental, but it's worth a try to help avoid from performing a hard reset.
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    I left the battery out overnight, no luck.

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