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    Hi guys,
    I am a new owner of a 700 wx! I have been following the forum for awhile now but never had the chance to post. Been playing around with my treo for about 2 days now just have some basic questions/issues that I need some help with.
    1) One thing that bothers me is that sometimes my treo would automatically connect to the internet (via powervison from sprint), sometimes after I DC the connection. What seems to be the issue here? It seems to happen more often after the use of pocketmsn for some reason.

    2) My battery gets pretty hot after ~ 20-30 min of web usage and messaging, is this normal?

    Thanks in advance.
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    1. Did you have your email configured to check email at specific intervals? If so, this could be causing the internet connections. You may also have some kind of app, like a weather app, which performs updates to obtain weather data.

    2. You are probably constantly using the Treo within the 20-30 minutes, which is then resting on your hands. The warmth of your hands, plus not allow air to cool the device will cause the heat. This is normal.
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    hey eddie; thanks for the fast reply... still trying to get use to the new system
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    No problem. There's plenty of information here.

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