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    Hello everyone!

    I am a new member here and also a brand new Treo 700wx user as well. I am trying to soak in all the knowledge on these pages. This truly is a great resource.

    I have tried searching for what I needed but I could not find any messages that covered this before.

    Is there a way to delete the last numbered dialed list that pops up when you press the send button? I have tried deleting Call logs, but that does nothing to the list.

    Any hints?
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    Delete palmVol.vol at the highest level directory (My Device)
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    Wow, thanks for the reply. I was just curious, is there an application that does this?
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    How about FileExplorer and just search for it?
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    Actually, all is well now. Since Scotty was kind enough to give me a file name, I did a more extensive search on this sight. My concerns of not having a recent call list have been laid to rest. I thought that once the palmVol.vol was deleted, I would never again have the ease of redialing numbers that I have now. I did not know that it would be restored with a soft reset.

    Thanks for all the help!!

    I still wish some utility could be written by some software developer that allowed individual number deletion from the recently called number list. I know I would buy it
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    Deleting PalmVol does not individually delete from the call log category. How you you delete individual calls from the call logs (missed, incoming, and outgoing?)

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