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    after much review on here figured nothing to loose by trying this n its not too bad ...couple questions...
    1. does this constantly use internet connection when ur watchin live tv or a recorded show?
    2. is there a way to flip through channels on the device like i can on the PC, or you have to go through the guide page by page n select what you wanna watch and then press download?
    3. is it normal that as im wathin live tv or even a program thats already recorded that it keeps buffering in the middle? if this is normal anything to prevent it?
    4. can i download what i recorded, ON the phone?
    5. anything else neat n cool about this app i should know about?
    6. my home computer im running vista and it has this setting where it goes to standby after an hour, do i have to keep it constantly on or when i access this site thru my cll itll wake up?
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    1. Yes, as you're sending the data from your home PC to your phone. It's always using a data connection when streaming.
    2. Slingbox.
    3. Anytime your data fluctuates a bit you may get some buffering. Try lowering your bit rate a bit in the settings.
    4. I don't think so unless you do it through saving the file to your PC and sync'ing it over. to be sure.
    5. It streams audio/video/pictures/files, etc. What else do you want? lol. It does stream to XBOX 360's and stuff too (I have it setup for that too)
    6. Yes it needs to be on constantly. Just set your monitor to go off after an hour but dont go into sleep or have your hard drives turn off.

    Honestly your best bet is to ask in the actual ORB support forums as you'll get direct developer responses, etc.

    I use it on my 700wx and love it.
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    2. I have read that you can install a TV capture card to watch TV. I also believe you need to get some kind of IR extender to change channels. But with all that equipment, you're bogging down your computer even more. As suggested, get a slingbox.

    4. Yes, but why? It would take way too long and too much room on your phone. You can copy it on a SD card and just insert the SD card on your Treo. But since you're using ORB, you might as well use it's streaming capibilities.
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    i love this thing i accessed live tv at work this thing is wonderful, i guess on my dvd drive on the computer at home , i have pirates of the carribean loaded, i tried to click that drive but it wont do anything, is there any way to watch it if its loaded on there?
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    It's ok, but I don't like dedicating a computer for it's purpose. I just setup a Slingbox Pro and LOVE IT! I use it to watch cable, DVR, and my DVD.
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    umm so now im trying to pull up my guide on my cell and it says programming not available on EVERY channel whats up with that? i tried to go on from the pc n site wont even work, is this normal

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