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    I've been running Activesync in "deliver items as received" mode for several months without problems. Now I find that at least once a day Activesync appears to freeze i.e. when I try to manually sync nothing happens and the automatic syncing stops working. I have to soft reboot to get it kick-started. Any ideas, please?

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    I think it's a network issue, because when I discnnect data and re-connect it solves the problem. Since I changed to GSM-only mode that never happens anymore, so it might be a U/G switching issue.
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    I have the same problem when I set Active sync to download as messages arrive. If set it to manual the treo does not freeze. I use mail2web services, i dont know if that is a phone or a network problem...

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    I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the GSM data connection however ActiveSync stays frozen. Any more ideas, please?


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