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    Hi all. Over a year ago I purchased a Treo 650. I loved it up until it started giving me problems like muliple reboots, errors, and just odd funny behaviour. I have the chance through my service provider to get a new 700 wx for $25.00 through a hardware upgrade and 3 year plan. Now because I am used to Palm OS and have never owned a device with Windows Mobile on it, what am I to expect? Are there third part applications that I can download and use on this device like there was for the Palm OS? Can I use my SD card from my 650 into the new 700 wx? Does the phone still have touch screen options?

    I tried looking on the palm website and it really didn't help.

    I am excited about this new phone. I'm just trying to decide if this is a good upgrade or are there issues with this model?

    Thanks in advance
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    I made the change from the 650 to the 700wx last January and have never looked back. The sales person at the Sprint store even tried to talk me out of moving from Palm OS to Windows Mobile, but I have not had a single problem, either with the stability of the OS or becoming familiar with its capabilities. And there are plenty of third-party apps available to accomplish everthing I've needed. Your SC card can be used on the 700wx, although you'll probably need to reformat it.

    WM is not perfect by any means, and neither is the 700wx, but for $25, I'd say it's a worthwhile investment.
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    I also went from the 650 to the 700wx. For $25 I think you should go with it.

    Yes it has a touchscreen.

    Yes it has plenty of third party software available.

    Yes there are things that will aggravate you.

    But yeah. Do it. Download and install the threaded SMS hack, and be happy.
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    how do I download the threaded SMS to a Treo 700wx?
    Alan Mushnick
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    Quote Originally Posted by sfld View Post
    itl make you get all the girlssss
    The 650 did that too! But I guess the 700 wx will make them better looking LOL
    As well, i would like to know how to download the SMS thread hack and information as to what it is if possible. The service provider is on a CDMA network, will it work?
    Thanks for the replies guys, really appreciate it. Does the 700 wx have problems with text messaging such as frequent reboots during texting? I've been getting a lot of those with the 650 as well as blank unknown text messages being received (Some with callback number some without) It gets annoying having to ask the sender to resend the message.

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