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    The phone has been awsome for me. It's easier to use and I get EV at work and at home now. I spoke to VZW and they wouldn't match the deal and said that they don't always share towers. I couldn't get EV with VZW. Still need to try up north to see if it works there too, but I read it'll work there on roaming. We'll see.

    They charged my CC for the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gottria View Post
    Theog, gpshemi, how is the service and coverage with Sprint vs VZW? I just got my first bill with VZW with a whole month of PDA/DAta plan, $140. We had about $12 worth of data for some texts and no overages. I'm switching this week as this is just to much for us right now.

    how did sprint charge you for the phone? First bill, credit card? If I just go with the RAZR for now I assume I can pick up a used 700wx or 755p later and switch ESNs online? Only trying to keep costs down right no because I'm locked in with VZW till September.

    Vzw for ME has the better network... or maybe just the better phone... e-815 vs. a treo. Heck, right now I'm on the line (on hold) with sprint tech support... darn phone is in reset he77. Not dropped it or got it wet... actually a rather boring day traveling.... reset and all that is not working...

    Seems I fuss with this thing more than I ever did with my palm tx... lol... but you can't beat the price... I'll keep fussing with it...
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