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    Anyone else having this issue with Jetware Mobile 1.30? The up side is that my entire contact list now syncs with my BMW where before it was only the speed dial list.
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    i will have to check it out... i did it for my dad and his contacts showed up on his BMW too, ill have to see if his icon goes white or not ill check it out later tonight ill get back to u
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    That's one onf the first things that I noticed when I installed it on my treo. I was hoping that it would help with the bluetooth dropout issue we all have but when I saw that it affects the icon I uninstalled it. It's bad enough to have a dropout problem then add the fact that you can't tell if it is connected...No thanks.
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    Interesting update. On my 700wx when I deinstall the jetware mobile 1.30 the icon pairing function does not return!!! I am wondering if this could somehow be related to an interaction between jetware mobile 1.30 and the Verizon 700wx bluetooth stack I am using for a2dp. Anyone else have the same experience that the pairing icon still doesn't show up after removing jetware 1.30?
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    i havent unistalled it yet but definatly pairing symbol stays blue the whole... not really a big deal for me. or my dad, we both hide the provider bar neways. contacts in his car is really all that mattered.
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    yeah i tried it for about 10 minutes and when i uninstalled it my icon wouldnt return...had to hard reset to get it back

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