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    I just returned from the Sprint store after getting a warranty replacement 700wx. My old one worked just fine with the 4100M car kit. Now however, the phone isn't fully engaging the headphone jack unless I smash it down excessively. It's really not usable this way. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if Palm has slightly changed the contour of the 700wx exterior enough to keep it from fully seating in the cradle. Seidio says I am outside 180 days of warranty so they can't help me. Frustrated!!!
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    Same problem here. I just use the cradle with a Parrot BT handsfee kit. When I had the 700w no problem. With the 700wx my Handsfree (HF) works fine out of the cradle but when it is in the cradle and I answer the phone it will not work HF anymore. I must pick up the phone to talk. I guess I will have to remove all the pins in the cradle except for the ones that charge the phone

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