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    I am sick of IM+ disconnecting and not reconnecting. So I tried Octro based on the glowing reviews here on TC. I dont however see a way to configure AOL IM. It gives me jabber options and google talk options. Can someone please point me in the right direction.

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    from the octro faq:

    Q5.I only want to use AOL. Why do I need Google account?
    Ans: Now you can do without a Google account. In the Login Information screen of OctroTalk, select Register new account. Enter your username and password and select Ok. Now you are all set to use AOL account. Go to Menu -> Legacy Accounts and configure your AOL account.
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    Yes, I found that and set it up. Im sticking with IM+. I found the today plug in on octro limitting and the today screen mesage alert disappeared in two seconds while IM plus keeps the notification until you check it.

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