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    I have 2 questions

    Did anyone treo user, order to a software developer to make a software for your treo?

    This is my case: i have a company that offer services of A/V, smart home and lights control so on!, i like to know if i can oder a software to have it on treos so we can do services and forget about paper, the idea is to have invoice and estimate in the palm and print out in the site of the project with a mobile printer then in the office have it sync with the server as part of the program for the company, can anyone have an idea about and prices of initial cost?

    thse second is, i see that the 750 came with some templates can i insert in that file the forms that we use for project such as wiring chart, and rooms so i fill the blanks and send it to the email and have it aa copy with the benefit of filling the form in the site digital and no more paper?

    posible aswers and help would be appreciated !

    also can mail me in confidence
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    Check this software:

    These people can also make your own app:

    You can customize the form and even add a digital signature to be registered on the Treo screen. I donīt know much about WM5 printing but I understand you can install drivers to the treo that would allow to print via a network printer or that some portable printers may have drivers for WM5. I have still to install a driver for this printer myself:
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    thanks for the help it is a good source,

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