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    Got a 750 and have been trying to get the IT guys at work to hook me up so that I can receive all my work email on the device. Everyone else in the company uses a Blackberry. Is this possible or am I stuck with an expensive paperweight?

    Thanks is advance for any help.
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    Do you have webmail at your work? If you have OWA then you can use those settings to hook into your corporate e-mail on your Treo.
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    1) Does your company use MS Exchange for email? If so do you have an OWA (Outlook web access) site that you can access your work email from the internet without using VPN?
    Like or something like that.
    If so, your Treo can be configured to get email directly from the exchange server. If not, on to step 2.

    2) Do you have PC at work that can stay turned on 24/7? If so, you can install Cingular XPress Mail, Seven Mail beta, or Emoze, on that PC. That program will act as a gateway between your Treo and the Exchange server.
    If so:

    A) Is a Xpress mail service from Cingular, and it's totally free. Just register and install the app. It's not perfect but it works. There is one bug that MMS (picture messages) won't work.
    B) Is Seven mail beta. Seven is the company that make Cingular Xpress mail for Cingular. Seven Beta is the new version and it's much much better than the Xpress mail version. If you don't mind dealing with beta software, I recommend it over (A). There is 1 bug that email notifications is not working yet, but they say they're working on it. Also if you have problems you can get support from Seven on the forums.
    C) Emoze. Different company and solution. It works similar to Seven Beta. Just another option.

    If niether #1 or #2 are an option, I don't have any other solutions.

    There's Blackberry Connect for Windows Mobile. But as far as I know it doesn't work on the Treo 750 yet. I'm not toally sure but you can try looking in to it or searching this forum for info. Also it's not a pretty solution because you have to disconnect from blackberry email in order to use the web browser. However, you'd be able to do blackberry email just like all of the BB people.
    Also you'd have to change to the "Blackberry for PDA Connect" data plan which is a little more expensive.

    So I suggest you talk to IT and ask if you have Outlook web access that can be accessed from outside the firewall. If so this is your most seemless solution. We just need to get your MS Activesync over the air configured right.

    Otherwise if you have a PC or have one you can use, I suggest you install and use Emoze or Seven Mail beta.

    I currently use Seven mail beta as my solution for my Treo, despite the fact that I ALSO have a company supplied Blackberry.
    But since I got my 750 hooked up, my BB spends most of it's time in a drawer.
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    My company uses Lotus Notes as our e-mail and schedule handler program. We do have a webmail site that I can access via any computer with an internet connnection.

    Does this help? what settings do I need to program?
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    Unfortunately no. Windows Mobile can connect directly to MS Exchange, but not to Lotus Notes.

    Your only options that I know of are:
    #2 above. Emoze, Seven Beta, and Xpress mail all support notes via the softare you run on your PC. The only trick is you need a PC.

    Or you can try Blackberry connect for the Treo 750v. I don't know yet if it works on the Troe 750, or if it'll only work on the Treo 750v for Vodafone:
    But you can try.
    If so you'll have to change your data plan to:
    PDA Connect for BlackBerry Connect Unlimited
    And of course, get IT to help you set it up with the blackberry server.
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    I guess BB Connect doesn't work on The Treo 750 on Cingular yet:
    If that thread is right.
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    There's a BlackBerry connect for Vodafone on the 750v. Thought that was worth mentioning to avoid confusion as it's not a 750 thing but a Cingular thing preventing you from using it.
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    and I am located in Canada so does this mean I can download blackberry connect from Vodafone and have it work with Lotus notes? What do I need to tell my IT guys?

    I cannot load any software onto my office computer as it is a Citrix based system.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Ah, you're in canada on Rogers?
    Since BB Connect not working is a Cingular issue, then it may work on your carrier.
    It's worth a try. I guess it's your only option seeing as there appears to be no other way besides mail forwarding.
    You could set up a mail forward to forward EVERY email to an external email address, then you pull mail from that email account. But that isn't a pretty solution.

    Start with:
    Download it. Read the instructions. Bring it up with IT.
    See 'how to get it' and there's a user manual on there that explains set-up.

    You'll need to get a blackberry data plan with your carrier, I think so you can use blackberry data.
    If you're using rogers:
    Is very similar to what you'll be doing on the Treo 750, except this page is all about doing it on the Nokia E62. You should be able to apply some of this info toward getting set up on the Treo 750.

    You'll need to go to IT and ask them to set up a blackberry account for you in the BB server and you'll activate BB Connect on the Treo the same way you would any other blackberry I believe.
    Sorry I'm not an expert on this.
    The BB administrator should be able to figure it out.

    That is IF the Treo 750 BB connect will even work on your carrier. I don't understand why it doesn't work on Cingular here as they support BB Connect for other device.

    Lastly. Have you ever considered giving up and getting a blackberry 8800 or 8300 instead? Just a thought.

    I did a google search on "Treo 750 e-mail lotus notes" and came across this:
    I have no clue what it takes to get that to work. But I imagine you'd have similar obstacles to Seven and Emoze.

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