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    I've got charging port damage. My charger (tried 2) isn't making contact and charging unless I hold the thing in a wierd position. I took it apart part-ways and decided to not go further and cause more damage. Has anyone gotten inside one of these Treos to see if that single pin in the charging port can be bent back, or forced outward to make better contact? Yeah, I'd send it for repair but my employer'd probably fire me. Any insights here? Thanks.
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    Give this guy an email (pm'ed you the name). He is renowned for fixing Palm's he knows them inside and out. He could probably get it fixed and back to you quick and cheap.
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    I have this same problem, except I can't find the right position to hold it in to keep it charging. Could you PM me the guy's name also, as I would love to fix this phone instead of trashing it.

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