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    when i get a voicemail it come up on my today screen and when i click my left shortkey to listen to it.. it wont connect to voicemial.. i still have to pressing and hold my 1 key to start dialing.. I think this started when i install the sms thread program.. anyone know how i can fix this?
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    Download PHM Registry Editor

    open it and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/System/State/Messages/vmail

    If you click on vmail, you should see a value in the window on the bottom of your screen; something that says VMailNumber. This should be your phone number (1234567890). If there's a different value, click on it, and replace it with your phone number.

    In my case, the key didn't even exist for some reason, so I had to create it. If that's the situation for you, just do this:

    Click edit
    New String Value
    Enter VMailNumber (instead of new value 1 or whatever) and your phone number in the other field
    Click ok

    There are a few threads now on this topic, so search a little more if you need to...

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