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    Currently am in the midst of a Treo smackdown b/t the 755P (to replace my miserable 700P) and the 750--my new residents have PocketPC's unfortunately. So I am testing both and trying to decide which to keep. Anyways, I am missing Chattermail already! I downloaded Cingular Express Mail and have it set to retrieve messages from my AOL account every 15 minutes. No problem right? Well, I keep my phone off in the hospital due to low signal, inteference, etc. Almost everytime I turn on my "today screen" to get to medical apps, calendar, etc. I am seeing an "error message"--" cannot download messages, check your data connection". Of course it can't download messages, because I have my phone off! How can I keep it from trying to get messages or at least keep that error message from showing up? Chatteremail allowed users to select an option that kept error messages like that from occuring. I've looked over several posts here w/o seeing any tips on this and cannot find anything in the settings for Cingular ExpressMail that seems like the right thing. More WinMob noob questions to follow in coming days I suspect...
    Thanks in advance,
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    I gave up on my 700 because of all the resets and went with the 750 and i have the same problem with express mail and my phone is always on i miss chatter . Playing with flex mail right know and so far not happy with it any suggestions for e mail apps that work with 750.

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    Bummer!! Here's the other error I keep getting from Xpress mail (I am seeing this one as I type this--the two errors seem to take turns!!): "Error S7900: another update operation is in progress". Again still have my phone off and am in my office at the hospital. Any thoughts? Was thinking of trying flex mail--what kind of probs are you having fkpalm? I just need a mail program that "works"--am only using it for my AOL as we have a BES w/o Outlook web access so no Exchange Direct Push love from the Army for now. Another reason am considering keeping the 750 is hope for the recently announced RIM program for WinMob6. Not sure if the Treo 750 will get it, but hope so. that way I can once again get my Outlook on my Treo.
    thanks all, keep ideas coming!
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    I had the same problem with xpress, and for a good week it was having a problem downloading anyemails. If you really want to stick with it, you can go into the xpress mail options and tell it to only download when you select send and recieve. As for the second error i used to to get it as well, but never understood it. In all honesty, i got fed up with xpress, and just set up my email account as a pop3. Now i dont have any issues anymore, and it sends and recieves every time!
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    If you do a search by aslmentor (me) and you will see I posted a few issues with xpress-

    you CAN NOT disable the notification on xpress and it WILL NOT check for emails while the error is up. That was the back breaker for me.

    I ended up going with flexmail.
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    Another vote for flexmail...BUT:

    If you use an email service which is capable of forwarding mail, I would go the free exchange server route. mail2web or 4smartphone are 2 examples. For AOL, because it is IMAP-IDLE and does not forward, I use flexmail and think it is awesome.
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    XPress Mail is made by a company called Seven.

    Seven has a new version in beta right now. It's gotten pretty stable finally and works pretty well. The one problem is that notifications are not yet working on WM, but they say the will be soon.
    If you want to check out the new beta.

    It's MUCH better than the older version (XPress Mail.) and the nice thing is that it uses real TCP/IP data channel push, not the SMS trigger method.
    It also supports folder syncing. I'm pretty impressed with it.
    It is still beta, so you will encounter occasional problems. But at least they have an active beta forum where you can report bugs and get responses from Seven and even see bug fixes.

    Real time push with IMAP servers, including AOL and Yahoo.
    Exchange is full push, calendar, and contact sync through a desktop work group 'redirector' program.
    POP and GMail doesn't push real time because POP doesn't support push, so it periodically checks and delivers automatically.
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    Thanks for all the tips everyone. I ended up removing Xpress mail and set up my AOL using Outlook--so far so good!

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