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    I'm not sure what happened, but the spot on my today screen which was usually where my gmail inbox was is now occupied by Test Messages: 1 unread I still have my normal spot for text messages as well.
    I dont have any unread messages/what happened to my gmail inbox?
    I attached a picture of what it looks like w/ no new mail, then with a new message.
    Thanks in advance, thus far I've tried a soft reset
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    26 views, no one has any input?
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    did you install the threaded sms app? nornally, without that hack, your emails and text messages are displayed via the same plugin. go into that area and push left or right on the 5 way and see if it changes to your email or sms. you could have just had some issue with the install of the threaded app and may need to reinstall.
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    Open up messaging, it will show tasks. Hit the right arrow on the 5 way and you can page through your various email accouts and text messages. Stop when your gmail account shows, OK out and se if you are back.
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    I installed threaded sms, i will try to reinstall tonight.
    Also, I went to messaging and could not scroll right or left. Where is there a tasks display?

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