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    I'm consistently running low on storage space due to emails. Is it possible to route email storage to the SD slot?
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    Yes. Look under your options. There is a setting for this.

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    He's talking about emails, not attachments. I don't think you can. Regardless, it shouldn't be done if you auto-sync. You will run into a bunch of problems...
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    Yes, I'm talking about emails, not attachments. It doesn't take many emails to fill the space. I'm constantly deleting emails throughout the day... some important.
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    Is there a way to just download the headers and then only download the actual emails that you want, or is this just for IMAP/Exchange? I know that will conserve a lot of space for you.
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    I'm sure Outlook doesn't allow emails to be stored on the SD card, with the exception of attachments only. You may have to look at an alternative email program. I think Flexmail may do it, but I'm not sure.
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    In Windows Mobile, there are registry settings that will allow you to relocate all emails to an SD card. However, when you do this, it's possible to corrupt the data files. So, try it if you like, but caveate emptor.

    Do a google search on Windows Mobile, registry, email. There is also an application, I forget the name, that does this for you.
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    I have to reiterate that I HIGHLY recommend you do NOT do this. I don't feel like reading a new "where did my storage card go?" thread, or another "do I really have to hard reset?" thread here.

    And if you must do this, then disable auto send-receive...

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