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    im having a problem with voice command 1.6 and my bluetooth headset. it works fine using the hard button on the phone and speaks through the phone speaker. when i have my bluetooth headset paired i can push the function button on it and launch voice command but the audio is still through the speaker, not the headset. in vc settings i have it through bluetooth headset option checked. Seems like im missing something like a registry edit or something...any help to fix this?
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    There is no fix for this. It is a problem that we all have with the Treo 700w/wx. It is a hardware issue.
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    seems really dumb of them. i get the bluetooth mic cant talk to voice command but i could have sworn the announcements (saying "whats my battery level" etc,) came through the headset and not the speaker when i used to have my old 700wx

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