I have iGo GPS installed on my 700w.. and boy am I having a weird problem.

I've searched and searched the net to no avail.. hoping maybe someone else knows.

It seems the resolution is stretched to 320x240.. im believing the problem has to do with GX.DLL, also known as GAPI.

I'm having a problem with the resolution, the program iGo is parsing all of the files/buttons and whereever i put my stylus on the screen. In other words the program thinks it's at 240x240.. but it's not.

I believe that gx.dll is 'drawing' the images from the program to 320x240, even though the program is set at a 240x240 resolution with a 240x240 skin.

You can create a custom file which lets you change options and debug the program. When I debug gx, i get a height of 320, width of 240, bpp of 16.. etc. I can 'force' gx in that file to run at 240 pixels.. but it does nothing.

I forced an overwrite different copies of gx.dll to my \Windows directory, but nothing changed. I can't figure this one out..

here is what is in this file of SYS.txt: