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    does anyone know if there is an alternative to tcpmp for wm5? it looks like their site is down and i cant find it anywhere.

    I want to use it bc the built in media player has choppy playblack.

    Any suggestions?
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    You can get versions up through 0.72 here (0.72 is the test version link)

    Or 0.81 here

    0.81 has a quirk where you have to click on the fullscreen button to get the video to display sometimes, but it has all of the latest codecs so it's worth the minor inconvenience.
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    thanks hannip. i love tcpmp!
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    When using TCPMP .72RC1 I had to install a FFMPEG plug in.

    Does TCPMP .81RC1 Beta include this plug in? (I think it includes the AAC plug in)

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    .81RC1 has them both.
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    Thank you. One last question. For some reason .81RC1 did not set correct file association when I turned on .m4v. I do have SKtools and think I should be able to correct file associations but have not been able to figure it out. Any pointers?
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    Does 81rc1 work on 700wx? Tried it on my Mogul but video is skipping.

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