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    My Treo 600 has a design flaw. When you lock the data and receive a phone call, you can't get data unless you hang up. This is a original design flaw. I am looking at upgrading to a Treo 700w x with Bell Mobility. I hope that those already using the 700 can help here.

    Will I have the same problem with locking my data and getting to it during a phone call?

    The Treo 700 W X will not synch with palm desktop, according to spec sheet. How do I get my data from the 600 to the 700W X? Lot of phone numbers here, as well as contacts.

    And, can anyone tell me about phone reception and staying on network?

    Any help to make this decision is very much appreciated...
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    I'll attempt to answer your questions.

    The 700wx is just good as any Verizon Phome as far as reception.

    You can't surf the web and be on a voice call at the same time.

    If you are using an earpiece you can access you Treo PIM data or write email etc.

    The 700wx is a windows device it's not compatible with Palm Desktop. However you can export your Palm data to Microsoft outlook then Sync that with you 700wx.

    Hope this helps.

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