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    this phone gets dangrously hot when used continuesly used and on charge it and u get aht pop up that says its gonna stop charging cause its temperature n stuff, is there any fix none of my other palm phones ever did that...
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    Never had this issue with my device, if it's getting too hot during regular use you may have a defective unit.

    I mean, it does heat up, but I have never received a warning about charging stopping due to temperature issues...

    I have to say it again, if you have more than 1 question, just post them all on the same thread. Chances they will get answered are better that way...
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    If it were possible to disable it, then there's a chance to ruin (overheat) the device. I have had this happen to me, plugged into a car charger, while using the device. I'm assuming the warmth of my had and the warmth of the battery gave the error. I would just unplug the device and hold the device in my fingers, instead on the palm of my hand.
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    happens to me frequently when docked in the car, and using GPS...
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    Maybe itís a defective battery?
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    If you are charging the phone and it is sitting in the sun then this will happen. It is designed this way so that the device doesn't get damaged. All it does it shut down the ability to charge until the phone cools down.
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    I've gotten the message while charging it in a car. It said that charging will stop because the battery is to hot. It never stopped the phone itself from working, it just stopped charging. Personaly, I think that's a great saftey feature.
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    Hmm never had it happen and use tomtom 8 hours a day on car charger..are you using Sedio?
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    right thats what it says and the phone doesnt stop working but it just gets real real real hot....
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    Hmm never had it happen and use tomtom 8 hours a day on car charger..are you using Sedio?
    I use the Seido 2400. I get overheating issues only when using GPS and charging.. and yes, it only occurs on hot days, in the black car with the black leather.

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