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    On my 750v, under My Device\Windows, I have a file called PalmMsgV001 - I believe it is my (threaded) SMS messaging file. It is about 12 Megabytes. Obviously it's consuming very valuable storage space on the device. I have a lot of SMS pics that I don't want to delete, and deleting older ones is very time consuming when your messaging file gets this big.

    Is there any way to move it to the storage card, and get the messaging app to see it there? I'm hoping someone knows the registry "setting" to change...
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    Your sms.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    If you get a text message while the phone is asleep you will run into a mountain of problems. So moving it is not an option.

    If it's that big of a problem than go one by one, delete messages and save pics to your card. You could do a "backup," just copy that file to your card then delete it on the device. If you ever need it again you'll have to copy it back over though...

    With a bunch of apps installed I still have 50 MB free. 12MB shouldn't be a problem. I dunno....
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    Littlepat, to be honest, I'm not even sure how I've gotten down from 50MB to less than 10MB left. I haven't installed anything in months. Probably time for a "hard reset and reinstall apps" party.

    Just FYI - what happens when your SMS storage gets enormous, is that you have to click on "view older messages" to get past a certain point of messages. When you do this, the Treo "hangs" anywhere from 1-10 minutes depending on how many messages you actually have. Eventually at end of the "hang" you can see all of your archived "threaded" messages. If you delete an attachment from the "older" section, then the messages reset, and to get back to the older messages you must once again click on the "view older messages" and wait again. You could easily enter the funny farm if you have to delete 30-40 attached files in one threaded conversation.
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    Do you regularly clear the PIE cache? That file gets enormous if you let it. And the call log too, you can purge all calls prior to a specific time (a month ago, etc) if you want. That helps also
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    PIE cache I do - I use a program called MemMaid. Pretty slick. Of course it's loaded in MAIN MEMORY

    I only keep a month of call log, so don't think that's the issue. I do search for large files in file explorer and nothing too obtuse is visible on the device.

    BTW - do you know I went to Martin Luther HS? If you really live in Maspeth, that ought to mean something to you. (or maybe not... )

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