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    I know we have talked about this many times but i need to revisit it
    i was updating my treomemo and i sent it my treo 700p by sms after i finished i noticed that other application now have either went bak to trial or was unregistered
    the only application i have that uses the hssn is volume care .

    last week i did the same thing updated by sms with treo weather and the same thing happened ( i didnt remember that until yesterday)
    i wondering if soft ware can remove a hssn ?
    sprint is going to be mad cause they just replaced it . i did a clean in stall when i got this one i did not back up from my pc or sd card

    any one have an idea ?
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
    Bug me , zlauncher , Treo memo, Volume care pro, Backupman , Takephone,Agendus, 2day, Holidates, lex spell, Bdictionary, Mundu, Adrian Money ,Genius, Callblock,minitones,Pocket Tunes Deluxe, doc2go,Timesheet, bible reader,Checkers sea War,Hot reverse ,sudoku and Black jack (All games are on my sd card) , Yaps and crytex, safeguard
    Nvback up on 2nd 1gig sd card
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    I think you posted in the wrong forum. Try posting to the 700p forum instead.

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