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    Pocket MSN is a horrible program and I was wondering if anyone has heard of an update. An additional problem with the program is when I send an e mail in the from space is my e mail addy. I have searched the entire internet for months trying to find a fix for this. Palm support said it is a default setting. Does this bother anyone as much as it does me? The from space needs to be my name. One of the reasons I bought the WX is for email attachment downloading from my MSN account and this issue is almost a deal breaker for me. If I access Hotmail from IE I can send e mails with my name in the from space, but obviously I cannot open attachments. Sorry this post is so long, but thank you for any responses.

    ps...When I send/receive in Hotmail it slows my device down so much it isn't worth the hassle. Thanks.
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    oh yes there is.

    Since then it got out of beta to a final version that comes with windows mobile 6 devices, but if you search google im sure you can find the .cab and install on the treo.
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    However, it's not really an update. Pocket MSN is on the ROM so it cannot be removed unless a custom ROM was made.

    You will have both Pocket MSN and Windows Live on your device.

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