Hi - anyone know how to get Unicode fonts onto a Cingular 750.

There's a simple package, originally from a guy in Japan called FontOnStorage. 1 22.1 MB ARIALUNI font file, along with a small exe. You put both on card storage; run the exe; and then everything of a special font nature showed up properly in, say, the Wikipedia version that will run inside TomeRaider (that is, locally - not from over the net).

Arabic in the article on the Koran. Japanese in any Japan-related articles. All the necessary mathematical symbols in, say, the article on the Riemann hypothesis.

This was on my Dell Axim x51v and so also running WM5 (in principle) just like the Treo 750.

But the same setup (FontOnStorage) on the 750 - no go.

Has anything changed in the WM5 relationship to card memory in the WM5 on the 750 as opposed to a Dell Axim x51v?

Are there any other packages that will give me what I want.

I can see CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) all over the place - and this is part of what I want since I speak (read) two of these languages. But I want all the other stuff as well. Specialized mathematical symbols, etc.

thanx - pat