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    Does anyone have any feel for when a Treo running WM6 will be released...and then offered by Verizon?
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    There's already a thread or two regarding this...
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    Alien...I'm new at this, so patience please. How do I find the older threads on this subject? Thanks in advance.
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    Hey - I understand being new - haven't forgotten that. But the thread you posted was literally directly above one on this very topic. It was right on the main page of the forum...

    This is a relatively new topic (last 2 weeks or so) but if you want to find everything, on the main page, click "search this forum" and type "windows mobile 6". You should get what you need. But don't get your hopes up. General consensus is not terrific.
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    Welcome turreypond. To be fair, most threads to this point have focused on upgrading current devices. Your thread seemed to inquire about new devices already running WM6. Good luck with your search!!
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    alienwhere and ttopins...thanks very much for the responses, I'll conduct the search and see what comes back. Your correct though, I'm interested in new (Treo) devices running WM6. My contract will expire shortly, and I don't currently have a "smartphone" I'm trying to get a feel for what technologies are coming, and how long I'll have to wait. Thanks again!

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