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    the os is wm5. I formatted the 4G SD (Dane-Elec) from PC as Fat32.
    But after I inserted it in, the Treo didn't recognize it.

    How can I do?

    I'm rookie so forgive me if the question is too naive.

    Thank you for your advice!
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    I had bad luck with that brand. Sandisk or Transcend work like a charm. I think it isn't your phone or anything else. It's the SD card that is the problem, probably.

    4GB. Suddenly it isn't enough!
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    4G isn't enough. Did you see those new 16G cards?
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    Quote Originally Posted by heimlich View Post
    4G isn't enough. Did you see those new 16G cards?
    The Treo 700wx/w does not support the newer style cards that say "SD HC" on them. The innerds are different. SD HC is a lot more common in cards above 2GB in size. You need a 4GB card that uses the older style technology. There are multiple brands out there. These are considered non-standard SD cards, but they work fine in the 700wx/w.
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    I have a PQI 4gb SD card 150x that does not read in my 700Wx. It is not SDHC but a regular 4gb SD card.
    I remember there being some formatting instructins on TC a while back, something to do with 16k clusters and so forth. Can anyone point me to it?
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