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    Okay, I really do like my 750 over my 650, however, I am more than slightly annoyed over not being able to directly call my voicemail. I have to manually go thru the start button, etc, etc..

    Here's the deal:
    I press the notification button (E-Mail) on bottom left of today screen it will then begin to dial but not to my vm, BUT to the last person who called me!

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Sorry could you clarify?
    First question:
    If you press and hold the #1 key (1/E) key, does it call voicemail?
    If it does, then so far so good.
    If not, then here's were to start looking for the problem. It might indicate that your voicemail box number is not programmed in to your SIM properly.

    Second question:
    Also, you're saying that when you have a voicemail you get the notificaiton message and press the left soft key, select call voice mail, and it doesn't call voicemail but returns the call?
    It's not supposed to do that, mine calls the voice mail.
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    Speed dial provides another form of 1 touch voicemail calling. You can go into phone settings and make sure your phone is calling the correct phone number for voicemail.
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    You can also do the screen dial as well with the icon on the Today screen. My Treo 750 on Cingy can dial by pressing and holding the 1 key, unless you've had that remapped to another contact.

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