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    i have a question, the palm sms app, handmark on demand, cf, arcsoft and more i have all on the main memory, and therefore i have like barely any memory left, can i store ALL this on my memory card and it will all still work and run fine? IF SO whats the easiest way to transfer all this there or do ihave to hard reset and reinstall?
    once these files are installed on the card i need to keep them all correct? thanks for ur help
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    Make sure you delete temp internet files.

    The best way is to perform a hard reset and install apps you want on your SD and on your device. I suggest installing apps that run on the Today's screen to be on the device. I also like to store apps that require access to the PIM database.
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    The Palm SMS app cannot be stored on the SD card because it needs ot overwrite ROM files, and ROM files are always on the device.

    .NET 2.0 CF I believe needs to be on the card, however, I think the latest version of SK Tools has a function to move DLLs to the card.

    As far as OnDemand... I don't know, I never installed it so my advice is to uninstall it and reinstall it and see if it gives you the option to install on the card.

    As eddie said, make sure you run SKTools or MemMaid to erase Temp files, they can eat LOTS of memory.

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