I'm having a sudden weird problem with my Treo.
For months I have used a third party retractable usb cable to sync and charge my Treo.
Suddenly a couple weeks ago, my computer would no longer recognize my Treo through the 3rd party cable. It just gives an unrecognized USB error. I have tried it with both of my computers, and I have the same problem.
However, it still connects and syncs just fine through the first party cable (which unfortunately, does not charge).
I thought it may be a bad cable, but have since tried several other third party cables that sync and charge.... none of them work.
Now, the third party cable for some reason has pins to connect to all of the contacts on the bottom of the treo (I believe it's 13 pins), while the first party data cable only uses 3 or 4. So I thought maybe some of these contacts were dirty, and have tried cleaning the contacts on both the treo and the cables. Still nothing.
Another interesting point is that these third party cables DO still CHARGE the treo, so a connection is being made.... just not a data connection.
I just installed the new version 4.5 of activesync, thinking that may make a difference... but still nothing. I doubt uninstalling/installing will make a difference anyways, since the 1st party cable still connects to the treo just fine, AND the same problem happened on both of my computers.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me!? Could this possibly be related to a setting on my treo? Is there a problem with some contacts on my treo? This is driving me nuts! Thanks in advance!