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    Just got my 750, bought from Telstra $80 contract, with extra $16 per month for 50MB data. Previously I had a 650.

    I used snappermail on the 650 and email worked fine via Optus..Now I am with Telstra need to change smtp setting for sending email (I can receive OK)..I used the smtp setting <> and sending email failed each time I tried to send. I tried dropping the .au and that did not work either. So is anyone in this forum in Australia using Telstra and if so, what is your SMTP settings and if it is <> , maybe you know what else could be the problem before I have to go to the long (on hold) process of contacting Telstra Data Service hotline.... Thanks.
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    If you googled "BigPond POP mail settings" you might have come across this:

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