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    I'm not sure if this is normal behaviour or not but when i make a call and the line is busy, the busy tone will sound through the speaker even though i don't have speaker / handsfree activated.

    If the number is not busy then it plays though the normal 'ear side' of the phone and the call itself too.

    I did a reset and it didn't help.. how is this happening?
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    After 40 reads and no reply i'm wondering if what i'm asking is that strange.

    Can somebody at least tell me if my problem, hearing the number-busy tone through the speaker at the back, is right or wrong please?

    I can't find anything in the manual and if this is a real problem i can go back to the store while my warranty is still fresh. Thanks.
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    My 750 does not behave that way.
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    My T750 doesn't do that either

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