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    has anyone had this problem? i've been noticing it a lot lately. i just bought a minisd card (kingston) and i noticed that when i go into camera mode and take a picture i get an error that says file unable to load. then when i access the dcim folder, none of my pictures are there. i do a soft reset and that doesnt do it. the only way to fix this it seems is to delete the folder and create a new dcim folder which means i lost all my photos.

    when i try to access the corrupted folder on my computer, it doesnt show up as a folder but just a flat unknown file.

    anyone encounter this?

    I've also noticed that sometimes the minisd card doesnt show up unless i remove it and plug it back in.

    bad minisd card?
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    What capacity is the card? 4GB? Lots of people report problems with 4GB cards. Some 2GB cards are also problematic. A PQI card didn't work for me, a SanDisk card did.
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    I am using a 2GB Kingston card too. I haven't had the problem with pictures I take not showing up in the folder. Once in a while I do get the card not showing up when I connect ActiveSync.
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    I had the same problem. *sigh*
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    i have the kingston 2 gb minisd card. i hope its just the card and not the phone.

    tcc what solved the problem for you?
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    Happens to me too. Sandisk 2 GB card. Every once in a while, half my photos are missing. Sometimes the camera application crashes the phone.
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    I had the Kingston 2gb card also. The card worked great for a week and then all of a sudden the card started to vanish. I also had the problem where all the photos in the DCIM folder would just go missing. It was real annoying. I called Kingston and they told me that the 2gb card is not compatible with the Treo 750 (even though the website says it is) I lost my receipt so I couldn't return the card to the store. I finally talked them into sending me (2) 1 gb cards in exchange for the 2gb card. Not the best solution but at least the 1 gb cards work flawlessly.

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