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    Is there a utility which switches the phone on and off automatically at preset times like the Phone Manager is PhoneTechnician for PalmOS ?
    I would like to switch off the phone automatically by night and to switch on automatically in the morning.
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    Tons of.
    You can use a profile program like phone weaver, phonealarm, phone suites.

    You can use phone schedule too.

    I believe there are some freewares too. If you know mort scripts, you can just write one quickly.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    Also take a look at CommManager Pro. It is in Beta right now but starting to take shape. You can find it at

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmalberto View Post
    Also take a look at CommManager Pro. It is in Beta right now but starting to take shape. You can find it at

    That one looks pretty cool. I like how it can switch profiles basedon Cel ID. I saw a program that did that a while back, but it always crashed my Treo when I tried it.

    I just installed SBSH Phone Weaver recently to 'evaluate' it.

    I was using another profile program, but was looking for something better.
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    What did you use before, taylorh?

    I tried SBSH and not sure if it's a conflict between the different software I was running or what, but it was fine at first. Then, all of a sudden, the thing doesn't do automatic profile switching or anything and just defaults. All of a sudden, I find myself in a meeting and my Treo is hacking away loudly.
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    I found 'Profiles for Windows Mobile' at
    Works great.
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    Sorry I never responded.
    I was using "WM Profiles" by just as Vanstra mentioned in his post above.
    I switched to Phone weaver when it came out to give it a shot.

    What I like about phone weaver is that it lets you set the back light level. Otherwise I actually like the way profiles for WM worked more. However they are both very similar.

    I need to sack up and write my own.
    All I want is:
    1) Radio on/off
    2) Back light levels
    3) Volume and ringer adjust
    -Backlight time out adjustments (like phone weaver has)
    -Bluetooth radio on/off
    -Forward calls to phone number (before shutting off the radio) and cancel call forwarding (when turning phone back on.)

    But I'd like to keep it very simple, mainly just for back light levels and volume.

    I'd consider doing a Treo-specific ring tone setting manager. All of the WM profile apps don't work because they set the standard WM rings that Treo doesn't use. But I'm not even sure I want to do that.

    We'll see if I can find time to do this. I still have to get the SDK installed.
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    Same for me as taylorh.
    I switched to Phoneweaver.
    Phoneweaver can detect when the Treo has an external powersupply (in car) attached to it and then switch to another profile like switching on the bluetooth connection.
    Works great.

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