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    This is my second Treo 750 on Cingular... both phones give me static and hard to hear conversations about 20% of the time. I love the phone... but as my girlfriend said after using the phone "if this was my phone I would've thrown it out the window".

    Any ideas... a Motrola Rokr (her phone) on Cingular seems to have better call quality... I've also rarely had call quality issues with Cingular in general... just this phone (not using bluetooth either).

    Could I have another bum phone?

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    I wonder if it's a regional network thing. Calls on my Treo 750 have always been very good quality.
    But you say you've tried 2 now and both have the same problem? Or did this only start with the 2nd one? I would be inclined to say you got bad phone, but if it has happened on 2 then the odds are low.

    Also, are the problem calls while you're on GSM or UMTS (G icon or U icon at the top?)
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    Where do you live? I have had my 750 for almost 2 months now and I get great call quality. I really haven't had any issues with Cingular and their quality and I have had a lot of phones in the past.

    Are you getting your phones from Cingular or some small retail store? I kept buying my girlfriend Pink RAZRs from a small retail store here in NYC and they all sucked, I think they were all returns and resold as new (Not even refurbished, just returned). Could that be happening to you?
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    My 750 has great call quality - best cellphone I've used.
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    South Florida, 33483 zip... other phones work great on cingular... this is the 2nd treo 750 that I've had with the same call quality issues. I sent the first one back because of it...

    I have 5.8Ghz cordless... 6 wifi networks in range, 8 bluetooth devices (ps3, 2 controllers, bt remote, bt headset, bt phones, keyboard, mouse, etc.)...

    Note, I'm not using the bluetooth headset when the problems occur but I'm wondering if I have an interference issue of some sort... geez looking at the list makes me think I need an aluminum hat <:-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
    My 750 has great call quality - best cellphone I've used.
    same with me...
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    The Treo 750 has been noted in many reviews as having awesome call quality. The only thing is that the call volume will be slightly low for some in noisy environments. In regular environments, it should be fine for most purposes.

    I love the call quality on the Treo. Compared to my Blackberry, it sounds richer and the reception is better.

    The one thing though is that sometimes when it switches between 3G and EDGE/GPRS, it may drop a call. The Treo is great at hanging on to the call compared to other 3G PDA Phones, but that happens occasionally. For instance, on stretches of highway and on elevators.

    Not sure if you got two Treos with bad hardware or if it's a temporary reception issue in your area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
    My 750 has great call quality - best cellphone I've used.
    Same here, much better than the Nokias

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