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    So I just bought a new vehicle (Land Rover LR2) with integrated bluetooth handsfree system. My verizon Treo 700wx is having a very interesting issue paring with it. Initial paring seems to work...
    1)Put phone in discoverable mode
    2)Car finds it and sends it a pin
    3)Type in pin, pairing complete
    4)The phone book synchronizes to the car and placing calls from the car work at this point...
    HOWEVER... when I leave the car and come back the car automatically searches for the phone and reconnects. It synchronizes the phone book but when I place a call (from either the car's buttons or the handset's buttons) the audio is no longer routed to the car. Instead the audio goes through the handset. I can place and end calls from the car's interface so at least part of the bluetooth stack is working but no audio!
    I tested the car with another phone (Motorola v3c RAZR) and it works fine so I know it is an issue with the Treo.
    Anyone have similar experiences and or advice on how to fix!?
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    Really no one wants to take a crack at this!?
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    I have an 2006 LR3 and it works flawlessly...granted my phonebook doesn't synchronize with my car. Could just be an older bluetooth profile in the car???
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    Well my phonebook synchronizes flawlessly every time just no audio... Are you using the Sprint 700WX or the Verizon 700WX?
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    Sprint 700wx
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    if case you haven't heard- the bluetooth on the VZW 700wx suck. Everybody has problems with virtually every BT
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    This is not a Verizon issue as much as it is a Palm or Windows Mobile 5 issue. I have a Sprint 700wx and the Bluetooth sucks as well. The best units without as many dropouts per day or connection problems, are the Motorola H-700 and Razorwire Oakley combo units. I have tried the Plantronics 640, Motorola H-500 and Jawbone with significant issues. I have read that a fix for the 700p bluetooth problems is coming this month but have not seen info for a fix regarding the 700wx. I have also read that a upgrade for Sprint 700wx to Windows Mobile 6 is coming. If this has a fix for the bluetooth issues is yet to be seen. I do believe in UFOs, Bigfoot and that Elvis lives so anything is possible.
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    im sure with the 700p MR coming out there will be one for the 700wx. Just the 700p came out first so it gets its update first. Its a palm issue, not wm5, as the 6700 bluetooth works fine and voice dials, and the Q's bluetooth is flawless- both wm5 devices

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