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    Hello all...Newbie here.

    I just picked up a wifi sd card for my treo 700wx. I got it working and was able to browse the internet on my home wireless setup but I can't share files and sync wirelessly. Is this possible with the wifi sd card? If so how would i got about setting this up? Thanks for any info.
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    To share files, you need to make sure your computers have file sharing enabled and some files/folders already have shares. You can connect to your PC's by IP address. If you want to connect to your PC by hostname, you need to edit/create a host list. Use either Network Browser or PocketHosts to create a host list.

    As described here, you can also do it manually...
    To achieve this, add a subkey to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Tcpip\Hosts for each machine name that must be resolved, then add binary values for the IP address (value name "ipaddr") and expiration time (value name "expiretime").
    As far as wireless syncing via Wi-fi, I used to be able to do this when use my iPaq H5555 PPC, which was a pocket PC 2003 device and an older version of Activesync. Unfortunately, I can't remember how I did this, but I will post when I do. Unfortunately, I have no strong desire to figure it out, since I do perform wireless syncing via Bluetooth.
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