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    Hello all. I searched but could not find a solution. Is there a way to disable the noise the Treo 700wx makes booting up after a soft reset?
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    I would be curious to know this as well... not that it's exactly keeping me up at night, but you know...
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    Try replacing alarm1.wav with a silent wav file?
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    Probably would do it... and then I wouldn't have to hear it every time I put my SD back in when the phone is on either. Good thinking.
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    Replacing the file will work; a better alternative is to edit the following registry entries to eliminate the sounds:


    There are 4 keys below the above key for charger connect/disconnect and SD insert/remove. To stop the system from playing those sounds, simply open each key and find the "File" value and clear the string for each value.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks - that was excellent - great 1st post, man...
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    I can't post them right now, but I have silenced the softreset sound as well as the charge on and charge off sounds. I can't post them right now, but if someone want them... email me at codi860 at gmail dot com and i'll send them to you. will post for all later.

    there renamed and everything. all you have to do is drop them in your windows folder.

    I do like the regedits though. good post
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    Just disable the volume service (Vol1), all silent now.
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