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    Is there a utility in Windows to allow me to backup my phone to the miniSD card? (or to my PC via activesync?)

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    Sprite backup came pre-installed on my 750 which I bought from Palm Europe.
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    In the US, an older version of Sprite Backup is provided on the software CD. I'm not sure about the bundled version, but the retail version provides backup to either the SD card or to a desktop through ActiveSync.

    So far, I have not found any of the WM backup solutions to be as "clean" as BackupBuddy for PalmOS. All I have found require at least one reboot during the cycle if not two. I have also found that if you're restoring from Sprite Backup, you should do a hard reset first, as it does not cleanly restore onto an "active" system.
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    I like Spb backup for my 700Wx. (It seems to work a bit more reliably than Sprite has.)
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    I have the SPB backup software and it works great, and you also have the option of saving it to your mini sd card.

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