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    I just saw that a new version of WAD was released. from my readings it looks like it has been fixed to work with the treos now.

    here is a link....

    has anyone tried it yet?

    is it working good now?

    I used this on my 6700 and loved it. for those who don't know what it is... it lets you completely redesign your today sceen. in fact you can have multiple today screens. way cool if you ask me.

    lets here from some users..... go install.... free 7 day trial...
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    I like what I can understand of it, and the price is certainly reasonable, but can anybody explain exactly what it is capable of doing to a 700wx Today screen? I would love to be able to better utilize what I have on my Today screen (weatherpanel, pocketplus, rltoday, calendar, and pic speed dial). I would love it if wisebar could be explained in 'Treo' a bit better than the site, and maybe a screen shot or two of its capabilities?

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    Yes looks good. Is anybody running it on a 700wx? What do you think?
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    i have been running wisbar on my treo with no problems even before this came out. i use the wm6 green theme i love it. wisbar is deffenitly one of my favorite apps makes today screen look so much nicer.
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    I loaded it last night, and I am s..l..o..w..l..y trying to figure it out with VERY limited results. That coupled with the time I have to devote to it (barely any), I don't think I will be able to figure out enough to actually utilize it the way it SHOULD, or can be. I would really like to give this app a fair shake, so I will ask if anybody had a quick learning thread they knew of, or any words of advise, as much as I like to think I am a good learner, I am a bit of a newbie at this one!!!

    Thanks guys, I appologize if this is a silly post, I just really like what I see on some screens people say they use this app, and would love to give it a fair shake.
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    I will take some time at first. it took me a while whn I first learned. I would check out the forum. good stuff.

    for those who don't know what it is... here is a breif discription...

    WisBar Advance Desktop replaces your existing Today screen. Using WisBar Advance Desktop, you can create shortcuts, system meters, floating windows and virtual pages to extend the functionality of your PocketPC.
    WisBar Advance Desktop also supports most existing Today plugins. You can arrange them on multiple pages in order to maximize their usefullness (the plugin must support user-defined heights).

    in english... you can put all kinds of icons and or text anywhere you you want on you todayscreen. thay all can be clickable and do different stuff. for example... you could have a "battery 98%" displayed anywhere you want and then when you click it it would go or do what ever you want. you can display icons to different app, contacts, files folders, ect. icons to plugins or the plugins them self.

    the best part is you can have more than one todayscreen. you could switch between the different screen whit a button on your phone or by hitting a icon or text on you todayscreen. you could hit the battery in the xample above and it would switch to the next screen. I use to have one screen with work stuff , and then another for home stuff. really gives you an unlimited amount of today screen space.

    here is a long thread with a lot of screenshots of wisbar advanced desktop in use. now remember wisbar advance desktop (WAD) is the today screen it self and wisbar advance 2 (WA2) is the startbar and the taskbar. thay now can be used separately or together.

    here is the screenshot link.
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    Can you hear your ringtones? The last version muted ringtones and canceled the vibrate feature. Also can you bring up the call button menu? Are you also using the WA2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dimitri View Post
    Can you hear your ringtones? The last version muted ringtones and canceled the vibrate feature. Also can you bring up the call button menu? Are you also using the WA2?
    i dont have it installed yet. i dont have access to a pc until i get home on the weekends. if i remember right, there are still some issues with stuff like the the call button. i dont know what thay did but thay maped a different button to do what thay were missing.

    looks like he got a lot of treo bugs worked out, but still has a few. i cant wait untill this get fixed.
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    I love WAD but I love the functionality that Palm has built into the 700wx, specifically the "lookup field" and the Carrier Logo with the Bluetooth Icon.

    I know Chris has made some strides to accommodate the lookup field, but it was still a little quirky for me.

    I'd just love to be able to add them as a today pluggin to my 'home' page. Has anyone been able to do that?

    I'll keep watching and waiting, but for now, Pocket Breeze suits my needs for multiple pluggins with out scrolling down down down.

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