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    Hey guys whats up? I did a search but couldnt find anything, I may have used the wrong wording, any how is there a program or script which allows me to use the volume buttons as a scroller when reading e-mails or on a web site. I got used to it on my Blackjack.

    Thanks, Carlos
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    You can make the button below the volume buttons scroll. Go into buttons and reassign it and an option is to scroll down or up. I know its not the same thing, but it works.
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    The button below the volume buttons- IT would be NICE if we could make a script?(hack?) that we could USE the up and down vol buttons for scrolling.... (i.e. HOLD up for vol, HOLD down for vol down, but click quickly on either up or down to scroll)
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    I don't like or use the program, but doesn't "AE button plus" enable this?

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