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    How in the world does the Auto-Complete feature work on the 700wx?

    I'll type and of course, the auto-complete optional word pops up in a yellow box. If I want to choose that word- how do I?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I normally tap the stylus on the word. Unfortunately, I sometimes don't even look at the screen, so I don't realize that auto-complete was on.
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    Only way is to tap on it with the stylus. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $is$ $no$ $other$ $way$.

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    When you are typing and the word pops up use the down button on the 5 way button pad. This will select the word and then press the center button to select this word.
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    Correcto, dimitri. It is all one-handed and by using an editor you can add your own words or even phrases.

    Modify Settings/Personal/Input Word Completion to optimize use.
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    Thanks a bunch for the answers!

    Beryl, your post was interesting yet I could not find a place within the Word Completion menus to add in phrases or words. What am I missing?
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    You need software. See the links I provided.

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