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    I have a work SIM and a private SIM and really do not want to carry two phones around. In my previous two models of regular (not-smart) phones I used one of those dualsim cards where you cut our the center of each sim and slip them into a new sim card with some extra electronics on it. You can then switch between the sims with a couple of key presses or even at automatic time intervals. eg.

    OK, so I have two different makes of this type of dual-sim card and tried each one in the 750. The switching program shows up in the phones menu and it looks like it is going to work but it does not. When you try to switch to the second sim, the phone switches off and back on, but the the phone is still using the first sim.

    I really want to find a way to get this to work. I have ordered one of those multi-sim card cloners (same link as above), in the hope that will work differently.

    Has anyone found a solution to this ? Either a particular make of dual-sim or multi-sim cloner that works or maybe a tweak to get past the above mentioned problem ?
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    I heard that the cloner doesn't work for 3G sims. Not entirely sure so someone who knows should chime in.

    I want to bump this up cause I am interested in finding out as well.
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    double bump!
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    I heard those work perfectly with the Treo 680, which is 2.75G. So you might be onto something when you say 3G sim cards.

    Maybe try getting a non-3G SIM card and cloning that?
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    Well here's an interesting snippet, which suggests it should be possible. Take a look at and notice the option: "Option to cycle radio (off/on) to change user on dual SIM". Not exactly sure what this means or how it works but sounds promising.

    Anyone understand what they mean here or even better, have you tried it ?

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