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    While I am riding my scooter, I would like to start a call with my bluetooth headset attached to the helmet.
    Can I do this with Voice Command?
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    Yes as long as your headset supports initiating voice dial. If so press the button as instructed in your headsets users manual, listen for the voice command beep and then say "call joe blow" or whomever you want to call that is in your contacts. VC will repeat what you said for confirmation. Say "correct" and it will start dialing.

    If you don't hear the VC beep make sure you have VC enabled in your settings.
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    To be clear, I don't have a 750, I have a 650, but are you asking if a call can be initiated using bluetooth to speak the commands?
    If so, I don't think you can. My 650 uses voice dialing but it uses the speakerphone, then after it starts dialing will it connect to my bluetooth headset.
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    Then no.. and you posted in the wrong forum
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    If you have a 650 then you don't have Voice Command (a Microsoft product), you have VoiceSignal's which case the answer is NO, you can't initiate via Bluetooth on the 650.
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    Sorry my the two programs confused...Actually have a deactivated 700w available to me, but have been hesitant to try it.
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    thanks a lot. I will have a try with VC.
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    i have a 750 and finally got the BT to work in hands free mode and initiate a call with voice. I'm not sure why it started working, but cause at first i had to use the handset to voice dial, then it would connect to the BT. I think there was a conflict with another software i had loaded on the treo. With my particular BT i needed to hold the buttong down, then it would initiate voice dial even when the phone was locked. The only problem i had was that i could not always understand the voice dial when it was telling me what number it was dialing. I always needed to look at the phone to make sure it was dialing the right number.

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