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    I have 23.25 MB left of my internal storage. Is there any files that came on the phone that I don't need or is there a program that will do this for me? Thanks a lot!

    Neil R.
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    That's plenty compared to mine. I only have about 12Mb. If you have an SD card, you can install some unnecessary apps on the SD card, such as games. Do not install apps on the SD that are used on the Today's screen.
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    i would go into your mail/options/ settings and choose to storage attachments on to sd card.

    then move thing like pictures on to card as well.

    then large files like word, excel, ect to card.

    basically, things that dont run on today screen that are big... you could move to card to save some room.

    also take a look at this thread.
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    I agree w/Eddie. I'm at 10.5 with only programs that must be installed in internal storage there.

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